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Donald Trump on Sunday threatened to run as an independent presidential candidate, as Republican backlash over his proposed ban on Muslim immigration coincided with signs of him slipping in the crucial battle for Iowa.
Ted Cruz takes clear lead over Donald Trump in Iowa Republican poll
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The once dominant frontrunner is now 10 percentage points behind conservative rival Ted Cruz in the state, according to a Des Moines Register-Bloomberg poll that saw Trump slide to second just 49 days before the Iowa caucus on 1 February.

Trump duly turned his fire on Cruz, calling him “a little bit of a maniac” in an interview with Fox News.

In a series of interviews, Trump sought to defend his controversial proposal to bar entry to the US to all Muslims. He appeared to try to soften his message and deflect claims of racism by attacking the supreme court justice Antonin Scalia’s comments on African American students. “Donald trump” “TRUMP 2016” “made america great again” u.s. usa america “united states” “american dream” life Iowa Texas “Ted Cruz” visa “Green Card” passport immigration support leader leadership 2015 2016 secure security oil “natural gas” energy ethanol win winner news media entertainment trends trendy democrat republican work jobs future vote “elite nwo agenda” competition alex jones infowars interview rant crazy illuminati new world order end game bilderberg 2016 hollywood fence end times end game big brother gold silver dollar collapse usd stock market economy

But in perhaps the most significant twist in a crucial weekend for the Trump campaign, the maverick real estate mogul once again raised the prospect that he could run as a third-party candidate if he feels badly treated by the Republican establishment.

This nightmare scenario for the GOP, which could dramatically split the conservative vote, was previously ruled out by Trump, who promised to run as a Republican – but only so long as he was “treated fairly”. On Saturday Saudi billionaire Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal demanded that Mr Trump withdraw from the presidential race for his ban comments, calling the Republican a disgrace “to all America”. Mr Trump replied that the Saudi prince was “dopey”.

Anonymous Targets Donald Trump
“Donald Trump, think twice before you speak anything. You have been warned…” Trump: Vaccines Made One of my Employees’ Children Autistic “A week later [the child] got a tremendous fever, got very, very sick, now is autistic” The vaccine autism link recently came under federal scrutiny when Florida US Congressman Bill Posey noted before a House committee the testimony of Center for Disease Control whistleblower Bill Thompson, who claimed the agency colluded with researchers to destroy documents linking the injection to thousands of autism cases.

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