UFO Sighting in Leduc, Alberta on February 14th 2016 – It has just changed my life……… Bright lights

Driving home from a sports lounge when I noticed a bright light in my side mirror. At this time I was heading south so I thought it was someone behind me with their high beams on so I didn’t pay any attention to it until I reached 50st intersection.

As the light got brighter (closer) I started to worry, that’s when I got this feeling over power me. As this light got closer, the more scared I became. It was a feeling like I had no control, like something bad was about to happen and I couldn’t do anything. I knew something bad was about to happen but yet I couldn’t drive or move from that position.

As this feeling passed through me, that’s when the humming started. An almost low bass, so deep and low that It literal felt like it was under my seat. I closed my eyes with fright, I imagined closing my eyes, then opening them and finding myself waking up at home on the couch in front of the tv like it was a bad dream.

When I did open my eyes, my life was changed forever.

I just hit a 14yr old girl. The humming sound was the defibulator trying to restart the young girls heart.

The light I noticed was the ambulance rushing to the scene. All of this happened subconcouisly. I was to drunk to drive..

Now I’m in jail serving a 22yr sentence. My life has changed

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