UFO Sighting in Pottstown, Pennsylvania on February 14th 2016 – I saw a flashing light and realized as it flashed it traveled a great distance

I was driving and I looked up in the sky. It’s cloudy out here right now, and immediately I noticed a bright light in the sky. Initially I thought it was an airplane, because it was flashing, but I then realized there was only one light. I’m watching this thing, it blinks a light, and then goes back to dark. Then it lights up again, the only thing is it traveled a great distance. I’m not sure what the distance is, but I know it moved for sure. I watched it travel across the whole visible sky in about ten seconds, and then it flashes again, and it makes a complete 90 degree turn and starts going in the other direction. I only saw it blink one more time before it went behind a section of trees and disappeared. Initially I felt odd. Kind of a feeling of just confusion, and as I watched it the feeling became more and more strange until the unknown object disappeared. I wasn’t physically affected, and there was no missing time.

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