ON THE BRINK – Iran Deal or Another Conflict in the Middle East, Obama Warns

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ON THE BRINK – Iran Deal or Another Conflict in the Middle East, Obama Warns

President Obama took on critics of the nuclear deal between Iran and six world powers in an aggressive speech on Wednesday, saying they were the same people who created the “drumbeat of ” and played on public fears to push the United States into the more than a decade ago.

“Let’s not mince words: The choice we face is ultimately between diplomacy and some sort of — maybe not tomorrow, maybe not three months from now, but soon,” Mr. Obama told about 200 people in a speech at American University. “How can we in good conscience justify war before we’ve tested a diplomatic agreement that achieves our objectives?” Mr. Obama, opening a new, more overtly political phase of his public campaign for the accord, portrayed the coming vote in Congress to approve or reject the deal as the most consequential foreign policy decision for lawmakers since Congress voted in 2003 to authorize the invasion of Iraq. He implored them to “shut out the noise” and back the deal. deal relationship friends u.s. usa america “united states” agreement peace order leadership program future world global people “european union” admin news media entertainment international community trust diplomat negotiate “breaking news” survival warning emergency “emergency supplies” security surveillance “good deal” contract trends trendy support secure success elite “elite nwo agenda” oil trade gas commodity montagraph demcad jsnip4 anonymous alex jones infowars rant exposed illuminati end times september 23 blood moon george soros rothschild rothchilds documentary gold silver lindsey williams dvd warning latest false flag

Will we soon see Even though Barack Obama has made a “peace deal” with Iran, leaders in the region sure are talking a lot about war. And of course this “deal” is on very shaky ground. The Israelis hate it, a significant portion of the U.S. Congress hates it, and the Iranians have already been accused of breaking the agreement. The odds of this “deal” holding up over the long term appear to be somewhere between slim and none. But even if this deal does survive, that does not mean that everything will be okay in the Middle East. In fact, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is convinced that Obama’s deal with Iran will actually “lead to ”… The world powers’ nuclear deal with Iran will lead to war and a “nightmare” regional arms race, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned The ayatollah constantly believed that we are untrustworthy, that you can’t negotiate with us, that we will screw them. This will be the ultimate screwing. We cut a deal, we stand up, it’s announced, five other countries believe in it—six other countries, because Iran signs off, and we’re the seventh—but you know, China, Russia, France, Germany, Britain, all sign off.

Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, the chairman of Iran’s powerful Expediency Council, warned in comments that the “outbreak of World is coming in the near future Let us hope that it is delayed for as long as possible, but without a doubt a major war is coming to the Middle East.

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