U.S. TROOPS SENT BACK TO IRAQ – Obama Authorizes New Deployment of Troops to Iraq

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U.S. TROOPS SENT BACK TO IRAQ – Obama Authorizes New Deployment of Troops to Iraq

President Barack Obama’s administration is planning to train Sunni tribes’ fighters as part of its move to send up to 450 additional U.S. forces to Iraq, the White House said Wednesday. The United States is also sending weapons to Sunni tribes, as well as the Kurdish Peshmerga fighters, who are operating under Iraqi command, in order to fight the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria.

The hope, an Obama administration official said, is that a new “Sunni uprising” similar to one that took place in 2013 will occur – but this time, aimed at Islamic State fighters. This is designed to focus on training the Sunnis,” the official said. The additional U.S. military personnel will train and advise Iraqi and tribal troops at the Taqaddum military base in eastern Anbar province.

Sunni fighters will continue with the standard practice of undergoing a security review by the Iraq’s before they are permitted to join, to ensure they do not have loyalties to ISIS, the official said. Obama says ‘no complete strategy’ in training Iraqi troops The Associated Press was the first to report earlier Tuesday that the administration was considering sending up to 1,000 U.S. forces to the country.
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US President Barack Obama is reportedly preparing to approve the deployment of more US troops to Iraq to train up local forces fighting Islamic State. The Jade Helm military exercise, set to take place in nine U.S. states this summer, has prompted concerns about preparations for martial law in America, but could the real purpose behind the drill be centered around a mock invasion of Iran and Syria, and a huge Middle Eastern war? The targets of these pre-emptive strikes–Russia and China–know it, because Washington proudly proclaims its immorality in public documents describing its war doctrine. Gerald Celente, explained how the ongoing Saudi attack on the Houthi militia in Yemen will result in revenge attacks on the Gulf Emirates and the oil infrastructure in those countries. U.S. officials, speaking on condition of anonymity, expressed hope that even a modestly strengthened U.S. presence could help Iraqi forces plan and carry out a counter-attack to retake Anbar’s capital Ramadi, which insurgents seized last month.

Footage out of Fort Lauderdale, Florida shot earlier this week shows military and law enforcement practicing the internment of citizens during martial-law style training. The result is to maximize the chance of nuclear war. If you were Russia and China, and you knew that Washington had a war doctrine that permits a surprise nuclear attack, would you sit there waiting while Washington cranks up its anti-Russian and anti-Chinese propaganda machine, demonizing both countries as a threat to “freedom and democracy”?

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