UFO Sighting in Englewood, Colorado on February 16th 2016 – Looks like a cloud. hovering there now. much wind other clouds moving

About 0030 had smoke. Windy night saw many clouds moving but one standing still. It is there right now, I just checked, 0121. One cloud covering moon appeared to have two vortex coming off it going up. The vortex moved with this cloud approaching the stationary cloud and the vortex seemed to bow over the stationary cloud. That cloud has long since past and the stationary cloud is still there. I have no idea, it could be a cloud in a vacuum, or no wind current hitting it by chance. I do know about an hour has gone by and this “cloud” is still there on this very windy night. It looks like a grey cloud with white edges due to moonlight directly near it to its’ north. For all I know it is just a cloud but thought it odd it is not moving while all the other clouds are moving south. I do not own a picture taking phone, shame. It is big. I can give dimensions based on the trees and building as far as width and girth but am guessing distance from me less than a half mile.

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