UFO Sighting in Boise, Idaho on June 18th 2015 – I took a cell phone picture of a bright light above Boise not moving. Cigar shape object appeared when I enlarged it on my lap top.

I was with my sister at a car wash when I noticed a light above Boise.It was over a mile away not moving before sun down. I decided to take a picture with my cell phone. we both commented on how bright it was. I forgot about it until months later with several friends at a little restaurant when one of my friends started to talk about sightings of lights they had seen and several UFO’s. As they were talking I decided to search for the picture of the strange light I took on my cell months earlier. I found the picture and enlarge it enough to were you could see the cigar shape craft clearly. Everyone got excited. Later I sent it to my lap top and enlarged it even more. The picture came out a lot clearer with more detail. It would be great to know if this is a new technology from the Air Force Base or actually a UFO. This light stayed in one place for a long time until it disappeared. It is very interesting to say the least.

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