UFO Sighting in New York, New York on November 15th 2015 – Moving Object(s) Invisible to Naked Eye are Visible in Phone Pics

I was walking in Manhattan and took several photos of a jet exhaust line juxtaposed with a bright crescent moon, thinking it a cool scene. When I looked at the photos, one photo showed nothing out of the ordinary, but in several successive photos a “starlike” white dot or orb that was not seen (or perhaps noticed?) by my naked eye can be seen clearly in motion. The chronological time lapse can be ascertained via the length of the jet exhaust line … which means the object was moving quickly and in an “erratic” pattern. Even more interestingly, when I looked at the additional photos taken from the same spot but faced in the opposite direction directly behind me of the blue clocktower, it was a similar situation. One photo showed nothing unusual but successive photos show not just a white orb but a red orb as well, and potentially more orbs,but it is hard to tell.

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