UFO Sighting in Rogersville, Alabama on July 3rd 2015 – Meteor followed by electrical blue object appearing and streaking away super fast

We were driving home east on a clear night, when I saw a meteor (nice one) in the Northeast. I pointed and called attention to my wife and kids, “Look!” My wife caught only a glimpse of it and the strange object that followed. Just as the meteor disapeared, an object like a flattened circle/cigar (about a half inch away from the meteor from my perspective guessed by distance to be 50-100 ft/or about 5-10 x wider than the meteor light), with plasma-like or electrical blue aura appeared (a few inches guessed to be a few miles away from last seen meteor), and then accelerated to the south (still in east for me) covering what would seem many miles (left of my wind shield to right 3/4 of it) in < 2 seonds before vanishing. This event still baffles me a year later. Can you guys tell me if I am correct in my best guess of seeing 'ball lightning' as a result of the meteor, possible? Yeah, it looked like a UFO getting the heck out of dodge avoiding the meteor. But, as a skeptic I am really looking for a more scientific explanation. Are there any other reports like this associated with a meteor? Thanks for any reply or answers.

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