UFO Sighting in Whitehouse, Ohio on February 14th 2016 – Shuttle like craft

On my way to the grocery store I noticed there were four or five military like planes circling in the general area when I noticed they were all closing on a Central target that was in the middle. the target appeared to shoot straight up into the sky and it looked similar to a space shuttle. After the craft went upwards in a straight line much faster than the others with a different trail, The military type of aircraft in the area all scattered in different directions after it went upwards. They were very clearly all headed to the same target before it took off. I unfortunately was in a rush and did completely scrape off my windshield from use but took the best pictures I could while driving. It unfortunately only shows one of the planes trails and the trail of the craft itself. There were four other planes in the area which was very uncommon. I also noticed when I got to the grocery store there were several cops sitting with their cars face the opposite direction of normal and watching it. I live relatively close to a military base but never see air-traffic like this, there was no noise., And the craft that is and is clearly different from the others and like I said look like a space shuttle shot up in a straight line. It was not something they set off

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