UFO Web Page: “Aerial Phenomena Studies”

By Martin Shough
British citizen Martin Shough is a NARCAP (narcap.org) Research Associate:
Quote from the web page:
“Channel Islands 2007
When an Aurigny Airlines pilot and several passengers saw what appeared to be two huge luminous cigars in the sky near Alderney in the Channel Islands the story immediately grabbed headlines in newspapers and TV shows around the world. Amid much unsound media speculation, Capt Ray Bowyer and the Jersey Air Traffic Control authorities agreed to work exclusively with a small group of respected UK investigators to study the cause. We were given access to radar video and the cooperation of ATC controllers and engineers. After months of work with the help of meteorologists and other expert consultants our 180-page report concluded that despite reasons to suspect an unusual atmospheric-optical phenomenon we were unable to conclusively explain what was seen.”

Aerial view of Alderney, UK
(wikimedia.org photo)

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