UFO Sighting in Farmington, Washington on August 25th 2011 – Red Hovering Sphere Hovering over field in Eastern Washington

I was driving truck during harvest season of 2011 in Farmington Washington (State). This sphere appeared one day just outside town above a field. Think one of those balls they put on powerlines in some places, but there are no lines up where this was. It must have been a few hundred feet in the air. The sun catching the top of it, shadow on the bottom side. Must have stayed there, without swaying like a balloon would, plus no wire, perfectly still. At least an hour went by and it was gone when I glanced over again. I was sitting in a field sitting stable this whole time. The pic I have here is from a few days later when it showed up again. I do not know how to work image software to clean it up, maybe someone could take a look? uploaded image is raw and unaltered from the day I took it.
It appeared to me to be rust reddish in color, I could see some faint detail on the part that was catching the sun, zooming in on this image in Windows image viewer shows how the top half is catching sun on the top and shading the bottom.
Farmington Coordinates: 47��5′26″N 117��2′47″W

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