UFO Sighting in San Jacinto, California on January 14th 2016 – Red orb moving quick and making odd movements.

My Grandfather and I saw a weird red light moving around in my backyard on 1-14-16 & 1-15-16 decided to get the camera to film it when it started to drop at “Free fall”. At first I thought it could have been a drone and I know most people will say that but I know it’s not. I have also really tired to come up with a logical explanation but I’m 99% sure it’s a legitimate Unidentified Flying Object.. I know what drones look like and this moved too quick and too precise to be a drone it had no sway in any direction by wind, the movements were clean. Also the red color was so vibrant I have never seen such deep and bright red ever in my life. When I watch the video back I noticed a red dot stationary the whole entire time which I DID NOT see at all when I was filming.. Also another very weird incident was the fact that it came back the next night around the same time and has yet to be back since then…
I Don’t have any good programs or anything to look at it as you do I just want you to have the opportunity to check it out for yourself and see if you can find anything that might be interesting.
I have alot more information on the subject at hand if you are intrigued please don’t hesitant to reply with any questions you are wondering.
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