Black Triangle Sighting in S Hwy I95 bt savanah ga- , Florida on August 10th 2014 – Was directly under a triangle shaped ufo, with three donuts of blue neon light

My main purpose is to see if anyone else witnessed what i did, if someone could contact and let me know that would be great, also i could fill you in on better details, sorry for the spelling and grammer mistakes in advance.. to start it was between the dates of august 5-10 of 2014 somewhere south bound between savanah ga. And jacksonville fl. On 95 south, sometime after midnight, no later then 1:30 am … the whole thing is strange , the sighting and my reaction to it, plus the event’s afterwards. So im driving south bound on 95 there is no traffic from either direction, And above the hwy is a bright white light, at first thought it might be a helicopter or something, but quickly realized that is was not, the light was very bright, i turned my radio off, and began to slow down thinking something had to be going on up ahead on the road or air, as i got closer the light just got bigger and brighter, too blinding to make out what it could be, but as i began to drive under the light i could see the underside of a large airplane sized triangle with three neon blue colored donut shaped lights, i was looking up through my windshield of my car while passing under the triangle, i could see this thing very clearly, it was only right over the hwy, directly ovet my car, but when i was driving towards it before going under it, all i could see was a bright light, never expected to be passing directly under a triangle, well i immediately pulled over and by the time i came to a full stop and looked back and up it was gone, not a trace, and strangly i just just drove off , i felt very calm, but at the same time something was not right, i felt like i was being watched or followed, just very strange feelings, and even now after all this time, alot of strange things, ill talk more about that stuff another time, just a lot of unanswered questions, and feelings i cant begin to explain in text, so just have to report this in hopes of answers, and other witnesses. .. sencerally Christopher

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