UFO Sighting in Melbourne, Florida on February 13th 2016 – I was viewing the night sky through infrared onocular and spotted one craft travelling east to west blinking, then a 2nd craft appeared north to south.

I was standing in my backyard with my son looking at the night sky with my infrared onocular and was following the path of an object travelling east to west with some kind of blinking pattern, but this object could not be seen with the naked eye.
While following the path of the object after about 4 minutes a second object that looked like a sphere shaped solid object crossed the path of the blinking object from behind travelling north to south.
It crossed the path and swerved in the direction of the blinking object from behind and then suddenly changed direction and traveled south-west before disappearing from screen after 1 minute.

I cannot say for sure what the object was but I have not seen any object that can change direction as quickly as this second object was able to do. The object also seems to have paused in flight as well.

I felt nothing special after seeing the objects because I have lots of footage from viewing objects in the night sky here in Australia. I have also seen a craft a few years ago that was about 300 feet above a house with a Bell like shape with a light purple colored ring around the bottom and a crystal like window at the top.
Most of my sightings I keep to myself, but I viewed a show “The Truth about UFO’S” and saw what you guys did in relation to authenticating footage.So I would my footage looked at for answers.

As I filmed the 2 objects I immediately followed the 2nd object when it entered my view and after about a minute of tracking this object it just disappeared.

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