UFO Sighting in Rocky Ford, Colorado on February 17th 2016 – Observed White and Red lights in a row appearing to be part of a craft. It hovered at a distance changing position, ejecting an object

We observed White and Red lights in a row appearing to be part of a craft. It hovered at a distance changing position. It stayed at the same altitude. It would come in with one to two bright white lights which appeared to be part of a reflective surface. More red lights would be added in a straight row ranging from six to around ten lights, mostly red. They would fade out, disappear for awhile then reappear at different positions sometimes with different intensities. The lights were straddling or positioning from left and right of a radio tower in the immediate foreground.
Upon reappearing one time with lights numbering eight to ten light ejected one upward and to the right(east) of the array.
A tree in the foreground was between me and the tower bracketing the lights.
I was on a porch across the street from the tree and the tower. I had the impression this object was large and far away.

My wife and I were waiting on a porch at the door to be let in the building for a meeting. We watched the sighting for about 35 to 40 minutes. Noticed the lights framed by tree branches against a dark sky. The white lights were bright an the brightest lights in the sky. I just happened to be positioned to watch the Northern part of the sky.
I was curious and thought they might be aircraft landing lights. I stayed focus on them because it became obvious that they were very bright and strings of more lights would appear to complete a row.
I use to be a member of Colo. Mufon and began to think of things I needed to pay attention to. I took mental notes, try to take picture, marked time and detail of activities.
I had to go into my meeting and lost sight upon returning to the porch
I went home and began writing extensive notes.

My feeling are that we saw a large hovering object a distance away emitting bright lights that showed a reflective surface with more lights appearing that were red.
The radio tower or clouds might obscured the object causing some of the variation in their numbers.
I went back at 7am this morning and took pictures to better view the field in daylight to better determine the elevation of the object etc.
I went back tonight in darkness at the same time 18:00 to eliminate repeated reflections of lights that might occur and to reaffirm my evaluation of what I saw.

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