UFOs Spotted Over Hythe and Folkestone

UFOs Spotted Over Hythe and Folkestone 2-14-16

     The origin of a series of lights spotted glowing eerily through the clouds over Kent remains a mystery.

The UFOs were reported hanging in the sky over Hythe and Folkestone by several people, with a series of sets appearing over the course of 30 minutes.

Gareth Arnold

One theory is the lights are flares, used by armed forces to illuminate areas of a battlefield.

And the nearby military ranges at both Hythe and Lydd would seem to make this an obvious explanation.

However, the MoD says no flares were being used at its firing ranges in the area.
A spokesman confirmed there was no activity on Lydd Ranges on Sunday morning when the lights were spotted at about 10.30am.

They added that although there was some activity on Hythe Ranges, it did not involve flares being fired. […]

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