UFO Sighting in North Carolina on February 19th 2016 – 10+ diamond shaped orbs pulsated, flashed and ascended into sky from stationary position.

For the past month I have been noticing odd pulsating and flashing lights in the sky. Tonight I decided to see if there was still any activity (to test my sanity I suppose). To my shock this was the most active I have seen the sky yet. I watched the sky for just over 2 hours, and within this time I noticed pulsating, and erratic flashing objects moving in the sky. At one point there were 3 flying objects merging together that were flashing green, red, white, and blue lights. My dog was outside with me and even she was uneasy, (whining, pacing, growling). I thing the thing that shocked me the most was a pulsating light that had been hovering for about an hour and 50 minutes, and watching it glide diagonally in the sky, slowly at fist and then gained speed and flew out of sight. When all this was occurring, I noticed that I began to feel zoned out, and was developing a ringing in my ears, along with a heightened sense of anxiety and feeling quite uncomfortable. This seems to be a weekly event where I live, and subsequently have been experiencing dreams of ufo’s and aliens. I need to invest in a better camera to capture what I am seeing in person. At this time my cell phone only pics up a faint dot on my screen, and does not give my experiences any justice.

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