UFO Sighting in Scottsdale, Arizona on February 19th 2016 – saw two bright hovering large lights in sky, then 3rd appeared – they all say there for a few minutes, then one by one moved to the right.

Our first night in Scottsdale, I just got back to our hotel room after dinner, about 8pm. we are staying at the Westin Kierland resort. I went on to our balcony to make a phone call, the balcony faces north/northeast….and in the distance I saw two extremely bright white lights just hovering above the clouds in the horizon. then as I watched them, I noticed they didn’t move at all. I saw an airplane, clearly blinking it’s lights and moving past them. they didn’t resemble the planes lights at all. then suddenly, a third light appeared out of no where to the left of the other two lights. they all lined up perfectly and sat there for a few minutes, I got a few photos. then the light on the right started slowly moving towards the right, then the middle followed slowly, then the far left light followed until they were all out of view, behind the building, so I couldn’t see them anymore. hands down, the most incredible sighting I’ve ever experienced.

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