UFO Sighting in Springfield, Oregon on February 15th 2016 – Saw a steady whitish-orange star like object moving to the east

I had stepped outside to take out garbage. Immediately upon walking outside, I saw a bright “star” up in the northern sky. It was a bright off white light with a hue of yellow/orange to it, approximately as bright as a magnitude -4 to -5 star or planet. While I was walking, it looked like it could be moving so I stopped walking. I discerned that it was moving at a moderate speed towards the east. I continued watching it and decided to try to get my phone out to get a picture of it. By the time I reached the trash can, and got my camera ready, I had lost sight of it behind a tree. I walked away from the tree to see if I could still make out the object, but it had disappeared from my view by then.

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