UFOs, The USA, the USSR, and the Cold War?

UFOs, The USA, the USSR, and the Cold War?

     The American public’s fascination with Unidentified Flying Objects, or UFOs, was very much the result of an atmosphere of conspiracy and secrecy which flourished during the Cold War, according to Greg Eghigian, associate professor of history at Penn State University. When the Cold War abated, so too did interest in the phenomenon, Eghigian says.

In a fascinating academic paper, which has since made the rounds of conspiracy theory sites and serious news outlets alike, Professor Eghigian laid out a history of ufology, an area of study rife with speculation and conspiracy theories, and its tempestuous relationship with mainstream science, which did not trust ufologists, or their attempts to explain the unknown using the (limited) tools at their disposal.

Speaking to Sputnik about his paper, the professor explained that the American public’s interest in UFOs was very much a product of the Cold War atmosphere in which it was born. […]

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