Black Triangle Sighting in Spencerville, Ohio on April 17th 2007 – cant go ther just 1 of 8 now since 1977

I have to confess I am really trying to use your web site in hopes that someone in your organization can help me contact bill birnes from ufo files don’t want anything out of this for myself except help for real been scared now for over 30 years I am pissed pardon my French that a lot of strange shit has been going on I am completely sane I have had over 9 things since 1977 including an abduction when I was 11 years old im so serious its unreal I cry over this and its haunted me since im pissed at the government because I know they know what is going on and I feel like I deserve an anser this is the first time ive ever told anyone other than 2 friends ive had for over 28 years my moms had some weird stuff to I think its all connected the sighting I listed was awhile ago ive had 2 since because I just don’t know where to start its like been my whole life they usually happen once every 3 to 4 years I don’t want men in black coming to my door am I paranoid mabey a little since I sent u this but I don’t care anymore if whoever they are wanted to kill me they would of done it by now please help please don’t give my name to anyone or ill never admit to everything I just told you there is a lot and I have a feeling its only just begun for some strange reason I feel like they know I just did this if you can contact me ill be more than willing to open up this is very rel and I cant belive im doing this its just been going on for so long I don’t know what else to do and cant get anywhere else on the internet its always dead ends thank you so much please please only contact me if YOU are for real.

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