UFO Article (Blog): “United States Air Force Continues To Duck And Weave Over UFO Reporting”

By Paul Dean, 12 February 2016
(UFOs – Documenting The Evidence, Melbourne, Australia)
Quote from the article:
“The deleted material in question is none-other than the good old ‘CIRVIS’ instructions, or, ‘Communications Instructions for Vital Intelligence Sightings.’ These are the very same procedural reporting guidelines that have been promulgated within the United States military since the 1950’s. CIRVIS reporting procedures demand the timely reporting of ‘Unidentified Flying Objects’ by military and civilian pilots, as well as other members of the United States armed forces. In fact, the first procedural doctrine that CIRVIS reporting procedures appeared in was JANAP 146(A), or, ‘Joint Army Navy Air Force Protocol 146(A).’ Ordered by the Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) back in 1954, JANAP 146 continued to be promulgated and amended until 1975. By then, the publication was up to the ‘E’ version, or JANAP 146(E), and it continued to contain the infamous CIRVIS chapter with ‘Unidentified Flying Objects’ listed right there alongside, but distinct from, ‘Unidentified Aircraft,’ ‘Missiles,’ etc.
Sometime in the 1980’s or 1990’s, certain aspects of JANAP 146(E) doctrine were replaced by a new set of guidelines titled ‘Air Force Manual 10-206 Operational Reporting.’ The earliest version I have on file was disseminated by the Secretary of the Air Force (SAF) on the 7th of March, 2000. CIRVIS procedures are laid out in Chapter 5, pages 39 to 41, and, just in case there is any doubt, point 5.7.3. specifically states ‘Report the following specific sightings.’ Point states just three words: ‘Unidentified flying objects.’ A newer version of the publication was disseminated on the 15th of October, 2008 and was upgraded to an Instruction, rather than a Manual. The title was, thus, ‘Air Force Instruction 10-206 Operational Reporting’ and CIRVIS reporting continued to be laid out as clearly as ever. Then, in 2011, CIRVIS – and let’s not forget what it stands for: ‘Communications Instructions for Vital Intelligence Sightings’ – vanished. A new version of ‘Air Force Instruction 10-206 Operational Reporting,’ dated 6th September, 2011, superseded the 2008 edition, but was massively reduced in scope and size, including the removal of CIRVIS procedures, and thus, a channel for reporting UFO’s.”

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