UFO Sighting in Athens, Vermont on November 17th 2014 – Green orb that sounded like rotating gears

I was reading in bed and I had just finished so I turned the light out. I had been in the dark for no more than a minute when I saw a green light illuminating my room and the room outside my door. I sat up and looked out the window and witnessed a green orb decending from above the housd to the second floor window adjacent to me. I could hear what sounded like large gears rotating even though the window and wall. The orb then entered through the window affecting nothing physically. The sound of rotating gears was quite loud at this point and I had been watching it move from behind what served as a temporary door. The orb moved half way into the room before I got up to approach it and had been no more than 10 feet from where I was standing. I slowly and quietly began to approach the door because I had wanted to see it up close and personal, touch it if possible. Yet when I got to the door and tried to go out the orb moved at incredible speed back through the window as if it were not even there and accended rapidly into the sky and out of sight. This event was not ball lightning yet I do not particularly expect anyone to believe me. This orb however expressed awareness and inteligence and when it knew I had been aware of it. It flew away. This is not my first experience and I am sure it will not be my last.

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