UFO Sighting in Parañaque, Metro Manila on February 5th 2016 – At least 25 silvery white unknown flying object observed far above in the horizon

As I was lying in our living room at around 12 noon I noticed from our glass window a single flying object in the blue sky. The object is silvery white elongated and looks like an airplane far above. As I watch I���m a little bit wondering because in our province plane does not usually pass and extremely rare as there is no airport nearby. I estimated that the height level of the object is for Jet Plane, however this ���Jet Plane��� does not have smoke trail. Jet planes sighting is the more common occurrence in our place. My curiosity is more heightened when I noticed that it barely moves, planes or jet planes can be out of sight in seconds or few minutes. But this object is already over 5 minutes in my line of sight and still there.
I called my 8 year old son to show it, but my son is playing and it takes another few minutes before he came out. When he came out I show him the direction of the object. He���s having difficulty in seeing it so I stand up and open our glass sliding door to show it better.
But to my amazement the object is not alone but trailing it are more flying objects vertically spread that when I counted there are at least twenty five (25) similar flying objects. I���m already so excited at this moment that I called my son���s nanny and also some workers in my neighbour and they too see the flying objects. Similar to the first one all the flying object are just slowly moving (right to left) like in a squadron formation. Then they are almost stationary in front of me above. I watch it continuously thinking that maybe they would scatter in different directions. But they just all fade away farther more in the sky.
I have taken a video in my phone camera, but the small object is not visible when I replay.
After a few minutes of disappearance, clouds suddenly covered the blue sky then began to rain and few minutes the blue sky is back. I thought maybe their cover is a bit late.

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