UFO Sighting in Washington, Wisconsin on November 10th 1995 – dark disc round-irritating screech noise-flashing lights with strong powerful beam light coming down-watch the grass fade to black-fell asleep inb the pulsating heat of the light as the hovering sound got louder-on metal bed-moving fast-vibrating-dark roo

I was running from the secret service (men in black) problems at fort Knox or maybe the big P. Not sure but I was racing faster through a field when a very disturbing loud screeching noise hovered above me. A flashlight came down surrounding me. I was paralized looking down at the grass. It faded to black as i passed out.

When i woke im not dumb as i knew i was in a metal room with strange built in luminating lighting in the ceiling. I did realize a presence and a deep telekinetic voice entered my head saying how surprised they are to learn that im able to withstand the amount of pressure surrounding me whilst moving at great speed through space.

Anyway he assured me no harm and said no we do not eat your kind as we dont have mouths, only eyes and nostrils. He told me it is safe to get up and stand. Oh boy it was like being on the gravatron machine or even pluto. I had to heave my body to my side and force myself off the unit bed to stand up. You can look at me he said and said it will take time to walk properly and then i looked and for the very first time in this lifetime, i observed a tall creature man. Most definately scary but assured me again there is no danger and that he already knew i had a 1001 questions including God.He was so skinny-thin with long arms and two and a half fingers. Two small nostrils almost built in with no mouth

He said to follow him towards the captains room,but not to touch the walls like star trek and there was another they are the same. Anyway to cut a two year journey short it was so amazing and they taught me so much on our endeavor throughout a colorful and full of light journey with
Places in space and other areas with planets and landing spots. I learned to drive but not land or take off at least I was privileged to navigate through space at a speed and directions too fast to understand. And i earned my stay as a worthy friend and operator.

Coming home:
On my return i never forgot that day my good friends and only family companions said it would be sad how they can not interfere with the nature of human relations as i was lucky.
We landed and I did not want to leave them but that was my gift from them plus i was kinda homesick. I walked through the door so happy very very happy to see my family and you know what? They were looking like they saw a ghost i was wondering what they were looking at? Then there was silence…and they all started at the same time is it you? is that really you? We thought you were dead!

. okay now that sideways look.

They found it very extremely hard believe me but you know what i found to be extremely harder?


okay thats my touch base story with you all and now i really need a coffee. I dont have much to go by but I am a good sketcher it helps me remember.

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