UFO Sighting in Winnsboro, Texas on May 19th 2015 – Falling black round objects

I first seen a ufo from the northern area it was on the ground behide a tree it was a golden bright color that moved up slowly behind the tree and the higher it was getting it made a sound of a humming.
That was right outside my house about 10 feet away.
There all over my property now and really active and there are all different types of ufo’s.
But I have recently been abducted.I was trying to go to sleep I was almost asleep and I started seeing black round objects shooting down at me going inside of my head.it hurt really bad.I woke myself up by asking why are they shooting magnetic energy force’s into me it’s hurting my eyes and head I can’t stand it.I came out of it and I was moaning in pain.my back has hurt severely ever seance every day.I’m 28 years old and I’ve never been a believer until my personal experance.
I’ve been predicting these sudden visions that have been coming true.
I’m scared emotional and Moody and I also think there intrested in my blood type.
There are about 40 outside ufo’s watching at the same time as of recently.the past two days at the same time right at dark I get this low buzzing sound in my right ear and I’ll look outsie annd there just flying in.
About a month ago I woke up with 3 small red dots on my upper inner arm 28th a ovel bruse around the dots.not it just itches around the area.
I’m scared and need help.

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