UFO Sighting in East Tawas, Michigan on September 12th 2000 – looked out bedroom window around 3am saw a red light it kept blinking but slowly. every time in blinked in was heading in a new direction. the blink stopped then started again but was much closer until it was directly outside window about 1 ft off ground

This happened when I was a kid still living with my parents. My bedroom was on the side of the house directly facing our street. My bed was situated directly across from a fairly large 3 pane window. I remember waking up out of a dead sleep and felt the urge to look out the window. I got up and went to the window and my eyes were immediately drawn to a bright red light off in the distance. It appeared to be a star except that it kept blinking, but it was not a fast blinking it was more of blink, pause 2 seconds, blink. I thought plane at first. As I watched it I saw the light blink in one area of the sky then it would pause and blink again but it would be down quite a ways from where it was , then blink and be really far to the left, or far to the right or up and then down . It was very confusing , I couldn’t figure out if there was one light or many lights. This went on for 5 or so minutes. Then all of the sudden the blinking red was much much closer, (at first seemed to be very high and far off in the sky) but now this light was in front of but almost the same elevation as the tops of the oak trees in our neighbors yard across the street. For whatever reason I was not thinking this was strange until the next day. Okay so this same strange blinking and weird direction movements goes on for another 10 minutes or so. Then it has definitely gotten closer as the blinks were happening because it is literally blinking not even 1 foot of the ground in the center of my street. ( My road is a dirt road only 3 permanent residents on the street the rest are cabins mostly unoccupied, lined densely with trees on either side)As I’m watching the light it is still blinking but now it is not all over the place it is following the exact center of the street. I remember the whole time I was struggling to figure out what the light was attached to as I could not see any type of structure it just seemed like a ball of light. I watch it continue slowly down the center of the road probably a couple hundred feet until it reached the stop sign where there is a paved road with a street light. When it reached the street light it was gone. I waited for maybe 10 more minutes for it to come back but I could no longer see it. After this I remember just thinking where did it go ? Then I simply laid back in bed and went to sleep. I don’t think I mentioned it to my parents until several years later. Actually I think I told them after my dad had told me he woke up in the middle of the night to the master bathroom completely illuminated which at first he thought car headlights, but then realized the only two windows are a skylight and a window 8ft from the ground facing to the right which is facing another houses wall. Oddly he just went back to bed.

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