UFO Sighting in Jackson, Kentucky on August 10th 1998 – 2 UFO’s up close with later formation of up to 100 to 200 orbs

At the time of the siting. I had be out of the army about a year and living back home with my mother, step father, 2 sisters and a baby brother that was a year old at the time. We were sitting, my mother, father and I in the living room, little brother a sleep in bedroom. My father was first to notice lights coming in thru the window. He stood up and said the police must be out side and said did we hear any one pull in the drive way has he was beginning to look out the window. He turned and said it was some thing in the sky hovering over the house. He went out the front door with me and mom following. At that time staying in the yard in front of the porch. I saw it. A round like craft with light pulsating going around it. It gave off a glow from the lights. It also had 3 white lights underneath. One on either side and 1 in the middle. It appeared to be about 15 to 20 feet wide and about 10 to 12 feet thick. Because of the glow from the pulsating lights. I could see a clear outline of the craft. It seem to have a small dome on top. I didn’t see that it had any windows and it make no sounds at all. We got about a 10 sec look at it before it hovered up in to the air and then, in a blink of an eye. It shot straight up, like a shooting star. Now we could still see it when it stoped but it just looked like a star in the sky, but then another shot in from across the sky from the SW and stoped beside the one we had saw over the house, then another from the same direction has the first, SE and stoped at the other 2. While we were watching this my sister and cousin pulled in bringing my sisters home and by this time my other sister at come out of her bedroom and joined us watching what I would call orbs. I hadn’t noticed when the first 3 but has more came in. I noticed they were lining up next to each other making pyramid shapes, 3 orbs for each pyramid. My mother had to go in at these time to be with my little brother so dad and my sisters followed him in and my cousin left, but they had seen the orbs too but done would talk about it to people out of fear from being called crazy. I stayed out until about 4 in the morning watching these things. I did get to see 2 more a little closer has they where coming in but not has close has the first one. There had to have been almost from 100 to 200 of them. straight up from over our house but way up there. They had came in from all direction thru out the night and lined up in pyramid shapes. They weren’t like perfect rows either. Some rolls had more pyramids and there were 5 rolls with 7 to 10 in each roll and they didn’t like make a pyramid and then make another beside it, more like when one came in it may have joined to fill a pyramid toward the middle of the roll, then another one would come in and join by itself, then later on another one would join it, It was like each orb had to line up with certain other orbs to make the pyramid. They came in like that and left like that to, but when they left. They shot away, like a shooting star. I didn’t see any shot back down like toward the earth tho, they shot out into space, but coming in, some came front the ground some where and others from space, but they all left shooting out into space. I am sharing this in case some one else has seen some thing like it or that maybe some one has seen some thing else and by me telling this it helps them in some way. This was the only time I’d ever seen any thing like this and will never forget it. I doubt my family talking about it. My mother doesn’t even like talking about it with me. I come from a long line of Christians. To a Christian these things are either demons or angels. I wish I could have videoed it, but we had no recorder and had no film for the camera, back then my parents only bought film when they knew they were going to take pictures.

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