UFO Sighting in Merthyr Mawr, Wales on February 19th 2016 – Merthyr Mawr Walk into the dark

A group of my friends thought we would go for a walk through Merthyr Mawr and play around with our night vision cameras, so as we got to the forest just before the sand dunes, we could then hear noises coming from the forest just left SE of the road. It was clicking going off for a while. At the time we were just seeing if we could just see through the forest then all as sudden I decided to get my touch out and have a look at the forest. So as I was scanning the forest I saw these glowing eyes staring at me. So the shouted at the other guys to look and they went. 2 seconds later the eyes appeared again and all 3 of us were staring at these eyes for about 5 seconds and they didn’t move. They where a lot taller than us, also a little distance from us. About 200 yards away but they where pretty big. One of the gues decided to get the camera out to have a look as 2 others were keeping a close eye on these eyes. Just as the guy getting the camera out it appeared from out of the clouds. This bright yellow, orange and blue object coming down through the sky and slowing into a field not far away. We all was in so much shock it scared us a little. I just thought it was a shooting star when I first saw it but it was coming down too slowly to be one, it didn’t make no noise at all for it to be an aeroplane or helecopter. It was flashing all colours on the outside and you could see the spinning of the object. I was absoluty shocked to what I saw. I lost sight of it because it went and landed behind the trees. As we started walking back down the lane there were lasers getting shone on us all the time on the way home and car lights appearing from no where but no cars in sight or even being there. It was such a frightening experience but I now know there is something out there for sure.

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