UFO Sighting in San Vicente de la Barquera, Cantabria on September 13th 2015 – Object flown straight line overhead, approx. 8 miles from FAO Airport. I am a pilot therefore i know it wasnt an aircraft known by authorities. Neither it was a commercial aircraft. I saw the object viewing the sky lying at the pool

The Algarve Portugal sigtning was a clear ufo. I am using aviation phrases to describe conditions, i am flying for more than 15 years.

No noise, no directional change, straight line path flying over the Coastline on approx. track 270 magnetic course. The Sun at the day in early September was shining bright conditions CAVOK. From the side where the sun lighted the object it was white and had a shape like a Katana microplane (the school 2 seater) but was built up in 2 levels. On the backside there raged out a hockey stick like aileron which was not moving.

Position & ground speed:
The object was flying direction West parrallel to the the Eastwards right hand upwind of FAO airport (the usual commercial outbound) routing. This means against the direction of commercial traffic and a bit above the route. The object was moving with appros 250 KTS steadily. As i ran behind the next building to follow it up it was out of my sight at approx. 60 degrees angle from horizon directly over the city center of Quarteira, Portugal direction Albufeira.

We have a small house in the area which i am visiting since 25 years. In this time there i have never whitnessed such an object flying in the area. Also there was sure no educated pilot in charge, because flying an object in a departure area of an intl. airport would be suicidal…

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