UFO Sighting in Tambon Bang Pla, Chang Wat Samut Prakan on February 3rd 2016 – red pulsating object appeared east from nowhere in the dark moved very slowly and hovered in front of runway about 3 miles

I was walking on the street in our living area and was just watching straight ahead. First I thought it could be one of these sky lanternes, but it was to far away and to big and the light was amazingly gaudy.
The red pulsating object appeared from nowhere in an altitude max. 600ft
big like football. It moved very slowly and was pulsating. For my eyes it was a very gaudy red pulsating light. It moved from East to NE and hovered in the direction of the runway. The runway is about 10 km from my viewpoint in the NE. No airplanes at that time. At 20:39:36 (6 seconds after it appeared 20:39:30) I took first picture and a seconded. picture. At 20:39:39 I took a video for about 9 Seconds and after 5 seconds of recording it vanished.The first picture it is to much blurred. but the second is not so much blurred. I was really amazed about it but in fact it was not my first sighting. When I saw the UAP I was stoped walking, graped my smartphone A Samsung Galaxy S5. I loose the sight because it vansihed.

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