UFO Sighting in El Dorado, Kansas on February 24th 2016 – Observed lights dropping towards the SE.

On 02/24/2016 at approximately 1830 hours I was at work when I looked to the south east and noted that at approximately 30 to 45 degrees there was a bright orange/red colored light in the sky (red arrow in map approximate direction). As I watched a second light came on just below the first and slightly to the left side, having the same color as the first. The first light faded out over a couple of seconds leaving the second light. The process repeated with a third light coming on below the second and to the left. The second light faded out leaving only the third. After that there were no further visible lights and the third light faded out leaving no other lights.
This happened three times over the next 40 minutes approximately. I recorded one of the occurrences with my cell phone, which does little for detail but shows the pattern of what happened. I also observed one of the displays through a telescopic rifle scope at 10x power. No further details were seen even through the scope just bright orange/red lights.
Later in the evening at approximately 1930 hours I observed a light ascending from the horizon upwards very slowly. This light was almost straight to the east (indicated by the green arrow on the map) and started very low at about 5 degrees. The light moved slowly upwards over the next 30 or 40 minutes finally stopping at about 20 to 30 degrees up. This light had about the same color as the dropping lights. I also watched this light through my rifle scope however as before no further details were identified. As I watched it it appeared to dim and go out but then come back up again after a few seconds.
I had no way to tell the distance of the objects from my location (circled in red) however I would estimate they were at least a mile away or more. These lights were also observed by three other people there with me, and another friends cousin also saw the same light from inside El Dorado.
In the direction of the east clouds were building up and starting to obscure stars and other details in the sky. It is possible that these clouds prevented me from seeing any other lights in the distance however I did not believe that the original lights had been high enough in the sky to be covered by ordinary cloud cover. A helicopter was observed flying in the area briefly before the lights were observed and during the observation of the dropping lights. I could not see any planes in the area while watching these lights. The dropping lights could have been military flares, and seemed to be very similar to the Phoenix lights video. McConnell AFB is in Wichita and one of the witnesses told me that the planes from McConnell use unoccupied areas in next door Greenwood county for “testing” or training I have never heard of this happening before, but regardless the direction was not right from were he said this had happened in Greenwood county. I have also not ever observed military craft using flares or other ordinance in the general Wichita area.

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