UFO Sighting in Kodaira, Tokyo on February 9th 2016 – Two lights in the sky, the one on the lower left blinked in an out a few time…in one of the videos there is a moth flying around, not a ufo

I was coming home at 8:30 pm, when i got to my house and looked up I noticed these orbs. i watched them for about 20 minutes before i went inside. my wife said they were stars, and next day i guessed she was right. when i finally zoomed into the pictures on my iphone on noticed the shapes werent round and seemed to have changed shape and direction. The one on the lower left kind of seemed to move down slightly and blink on and off. i also thought i may have seen another one to the left and lower that was moving. The one on the top right has a strange shape. maybe this is just some effect on my iphone? When i was looking at them they seemed round. Sorry for the profanity on the videos, i was kind of drunk. Note, the are 2 big streetlights on the lower left, glare from a house light on the upper right, and a moth flitting about in one of the videos. the ufos are east / southeast of Kodaira, Tokyo looking towards Koganei.

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