UFO Sighting in Sultanpur, Uttar Pradesh on February 19th 2016 – Me and my friend saw it.. It was like trying to camouflage in clouds. It was stationery. Check the pictures my friend took from his mobile phone.

It was a bright day. My friend was going somewhere on his scooter.. He noticed it on the way home.. He told me to get out and see it.. I saw it too but didn’t paid lot of attention to it.. the object was stationary. And like it was trying to camouflage in clouds. My friend took the images of it with his mobile phone.. He took two images, one was from an overbridge and the other was from a park.. he sighted it twice.. It was a weird experience.. On that night the moon looked weird.. the moon was surrounded by a white light in a circle.. the moon was centred by that white light.. almost whole of my city noticed it.. We didn’t told it to anyone because we thought that people might think we are crazy.

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