UFO Sighting in Phoenix, Arizona on August 15th 2015 – Extremely gigantic magnetic field with black fillaments (rolling cylinder in 3D). It was surrounded by a man who I know.

1). Iwas walking north on san juan rd in South Mountain National park.
2). I was able to see it from 10-15 miles away. When I noticed it, I noticed that a man was inside of it. I felt the man’s energy field 10-15 miles away. But as the Magnetic field approached me, I saw the Doctor inside of it. I was pretty intimidated by the size of the rolling 3D magnetic field. However as the rolling magnetic field approached me, it had not harm me but I was able to walk through it and notice that the fillaments were tightly surrounded on this doctor. I wanted to warn him but he would not stop. He thinks I am weird.
3). I was over whelmed to notice it was an active aura not just a black cloud surrounding him. It looked just like a black glob of fog surrounding him.
4.) The magnetic field was black with iron-like filaments rolling but shaped into cylindrical,rolling 3d logs.
5.) I wanted to run and not notice the Doctor. As I felt his presence 10-15 miles away. I was anxious to stop him but he was cycling very fast and would not stop. I wanted to communicate with the magnetic field. Because it approached me before I was able to notice that the magnetic field surrounded the doctor.
6)It was a rolling magnetic field. So as the doctor passed me, the rolling field made a noise like pellets of paperclips dropped on a linolelum floor.It continued rolling after I was walking through it.
Here is an example of what I saw:
Magnetic field – YouTube
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