UFO Sighting in Tacoma, Washington on February 25th 2016 – saw glowing object coming from SE moving slowly towards NW noisless changed direction going W then going to SW

I was just leaving a friends house when I saw a glowing orange/copper fireball like object approximately 1/4 of a mile away in the sky heading to the N/NW not making a sound and I got my friend to come out and see it and we both watched it as it headed directly towards us then changed direction heading W and then changing direction heading SW as it slowly faded but was visible until I lost sight of it when it dropped below the horizon. This all happens right over joint base Lewis McCord in Tacoma, WA. I have lived here my entire 52 years and know airplanes and this was no airplane. Left my quite shaken. The joint base Lewis McCord people must have tracked it because it was in their airspace. I video’d part of the event with my phone camera but it is not very good and was hard to track with me shaking

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