UFO Sighting in Markstay, Ontario on February 21st 2016 – When looking at the photos I had just taken, i noticed something odd. i had noticed something that looked like a sphere. It was a pewter color, but seemed to be glowing in the middle. It made no sound.

It was a cool dry sunny day. I was outside on my patio and decided to take a few photos. I did not hear or see anything a the time. I reviewed the pics I had just taken when I noticed something in the photos. I zoomed in and I was shocked and felt overwhelmed at seeing a strange object in the sky. I looked at the next photo and it was not in the same spot, it had moved very close to my house, which would have taken the object a blink of an eye to get there, because of how I took the photos. It looked like a spherical shape with the inside middle glowing. It looked like it was pewter in color. I showed this pic to a couple of people who were shocked as well.

*** My phone would not let me attach the photos. Please let me know how to send it differently. I need to know what that object was.

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