UFO Sighting in Mesa, Arizona on February 26th 2016 – at first I thought they were stars until they started moving so looked like stars

My friend and I were standing outside and I looked up and saw 2 little lights chasing one another then another one joined them they seemed to be flying back and forth then one would fly behind some trees and the others looked like they were trying to find him then the one behind the trees world pop up really fast and fly around with them. I thought it was cool so I sat outside and watched they looked like they were playing they would hover over the treetops then go straight down. When the 2 went behind the trees out of sight of the one, the one that was left it turned red then when the one behind the trees popped up from behind the trees the one that turned red turned white as soon as it saw his friend. They both headed for the treetops and disappeared like they landed. I thought wow I have to tell someone what I just saw. I didn’t have a camera and my friend didn’t have one either. I wish I could’ve taken pictures.

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