UFO Sighting in middleriver, Maryland on July 31st 1973 – was child at time. jus gad tornado warning storm after storm I was drawn to go outside I was in rd n looked up n this top like spaceship was hoovering over me observing me n me them. iwas looking into windows entity were at cockpit saw red light inside co

Jus stormed I was drawn outside I was a small child at time… I was standing in rd with this top-like saucer hoovering over me n me looking up at them paralized. had alot windows all way around it. saw entitys looking at me standing there. n I saw a red light inside at the controls. I dont remember anything after or what happend if anything or how long I was standing there? it took off no noise super fast.was wow! When I was a child I had a near death experience in that same rd! I dont knw if this had anything to do with this?

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