UFO Sighting in Wilton, Maine on October 7th 2015 – Red lights in a rectangular patturn formation two lights crossed at the end the second time they were in a triangular alignment and fell like a leafing

Me and my fiance were outside looking out the side door when she pointed out a red ligbt and said look mars is big tonight. I looked and said it wasn’t mars because it started to move and more started appearing behind it moving at the same speed in the air towards us with no turning. At the end of the formation two of the red lights crossed I got scared and told my fiance to come inside. The second time I saw a triangular formation of star looking lights that fell like a leaf while I was looking at the stars this was the other night. The first encounter was about6 years ago I say a little kind of human like creature bouncing its upper boddy up and down waving quickly every half a second. This one took place at my old appartment up the street.

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