MH370 WRECKAGE CONFIRMED – Malaysia Confirms Airplane Debris Found on Reunion Island is from MH370

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MH370 WRECKAGE CONFIRMED – Malaysia Confirms Airplane Debris Found on Reunion Island is from MH370

Part of the aircraft wing found on Reunion Island is from the missing MH370 plane, Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak has confirmed. A whole 515 days after Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 disappeared from the skies en route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing, Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak confirmed early Thursday that a barnacle-encrusted fragment of wing that had washed up last week on the remote Indian Ocean island of Réunion, a French territory, was indeed from the doomed flight. “It is with a very heavy heart,” Najib told a press conference organized around midnight in Malaysia, “that I must tell you that an international team of experts has conclusively confirmed that the aircraft debris…is indeed MH370.”

Debris found in the western Indian Ocean on Wednesday appears to be part of a Boeing 777, the same model as Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 that disappeared in 2014, according to a source close to the investigation.

The source said there is a unique element to the Boeing 777’s flaperon, a wing component, that Boeing observers believe they are seeing in photos.

The debris was found Wednesday off the coast of Reunion Island, a French department in the western Indian Ocean. It is being examined to determine whether it is connected to flight MH370, a member of the French air force in Reunion said Wednesday.

The debris was found off the coast of St. Andre, a community on the island, according to Adjutant Christian Retournat.

Boeing officials conducted an initial assessment of the debris using photographs. The source stressed the observations are preliminary. Malaysia sends investigators to see whether wreckage found on the French Island of Reunion, believed to be a moving part on the wing called a flaperon, comes from missing Boeing 777 “I promise the families of those lost that whatever happens, we will not give up.” The search efforts for MH370, led by Australia, are focused on a broad expanse of the southern Indian Ocean – around 4,000km to the east of Reunion. wreckage island “indian ocean” australia french airplane flight travel discovery discover information surveillance tracking “flight tracking” GPS official news media entertainment family professional identity 2015 2016 malaysia “air asia” team “search and rescue” ocean sea asia australian truth trends trendy pilot training holiday vacation “summer 2015” winter conference “elite nwo agenda” montagraph dutchsinse big one earthquake volcano false flag attack alex jones infowars conspiracy illuminati new world order end game global reset gerald celente trends in the news coast to coast am g4t jsnip4 lindsey williams coast to coast am louis farrakhan daboo7 daboo77 anonymous russia

It was this information that identified the search area in the southern Indian Ocean, west of Perth. A group of relatives of many of the Chinese passengers said in a statement that they wanted “100%” certainty about where the part is from, and that the search for the airliner should continue.

Aircraft expert Ian Black previously worked as a fighter weapons instructor for the Malaysian Air Force, and is the author of two Haynes Manuals for aircraft, the McDonnell Douglas F-4 Phantom Manual and the RAF Tornado Manual. He flew the Tornado ADV in the first Gulf War and over Kosovo. He is now an A340 Airbus captain with Virgin Atlantic. A mysterious user of the Chinese social media network Weibo apparently predicted the disappearance on AirAsia Flight QZ8501 almost two weeks before the plane went missing, urgently warning Chinese nationals not to use the airliner in dozens of posts.

• Fact #2: The plane’s transponder appears to have been manually turned off several minutes before other communication systems stopped transmitting • Smoking Gun Fact #3: The plane’s engines continued to broadcast performance data to satellite for four hours after radar contact was lost • Fact #4: The mobile devices of many passengers continued to stay online for days after the disappearance Chinese instant messenger service called QQ that indicated that their phones were still somehow online

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