UFO Sighting in Pennville, Indiana on February 27th 2016 – Looked like a gold star stationary for about 4 or 5 mins then took off in a NW direction and could no longer see.

My husband and I were driving East down a country road about 9 PM on February 27, 2016. My husband was talking to me and I was looking out the window. I always look at the stars at night. I noticed one of the stars lower in the sky did not look like all the others. It was slightly bigger and slightly brighter. It also had a golden tint instead of the whitish color most stars have. It was stationary and I thought maybe it was a planet and that’s why it looked different. I did notice a plane flying past what looked like the same area of the star.I kept looking at it almost constantly for about 5 mins. Suddenly the “star” began to move in a NW direction. It seemed to have the same speed from the moment it began moving until I lost sight of it when the angle was over my car. At that time I felt kind of fearful and started thinking of scenarios of what might happen next. Which thankfully was nothing! I told my husband about it as soon as it had began moving but from his angle he could not see it. We had a similar experience about 5 years ago a out 15 miles South of the same area. We were in the backyard late at night having a fire. Two stationary “stars” did not look right to me. They were the same color as the other stars just brighter and bigger than the other around them and just seemed out if place. My husband and I were discussing them seeming different and possibly being UFO’s. They were there, from the time we noticed, for about 15 mins. When suddenly they began to move in a NE direction at the same exact time and keeping the same exact distance, direction, and speed. For about 1 min when the lights just went out. I don’t know if it was one object or two. Just moments later there were several planes in the area of where the lights disappeared coming from different directions. I felt kinda shocked at what I has seen. My husband and I still talk about it sometimes.

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