UFO Sighting in Red Deer, Alberta on November 6th 2015 – Having smoke on Belcony when I notice light not usually there at that time of night. Light moved up down sideways back and forth, ran got wife to show her, she got scared and went back inside, i watch for 20-30 min then it headed NE and disappeared

I was up late as I normally am when I have days off, I went for a smoke on my balcony around 1 am. As I smoke I usually look at the stars at night as I can see very clearly the Orion’s belt and more, but this time when I looked up I saw a “star” that is normally not there. I watched for a few seconds and noticed it moving in a unnatural pattern, up,down,side to side back and forth this Bright “star” went, as I was trying to figure out what I was seeing it became brighter and almost seem to move closer to me. I ran downstairs to get my wife to make sure I was not the only one who was seeing this. She looked for a few seconds and said ” I don’t like this at all, I hope what ever is in there can’t see us” and she went back inside and back to bed. I kept watching the object move, come closer then further away, it came in from the East then started heading North East, after about 30 minutes it seems just to fade out of this realm. I’m not 100% what I seen that night but I’AM 100% sure it was not a terrestrial aircraft. I keep trying to see this object when I’m home but to this day I have had no suck Luck.

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