Triangular Shaped UFO Seen in the Hinckley Skies

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Triangular Shaped UFO Seen in the Hinckley Skies

     […] Mike had his own triangular UFO encounter back in March of 1996. Mike left home at 2.30am, he was alone as usual and driving to work where he would normally start at 3am trunk driving to London.

Mike left the village of Sharnford heading in the direction of the A5. As he left the one way system he could see some lights further along the road at a very low altitude.

Colin Saunders

Mike wound the window down to get a better look at the object as he drove towards it. The object was hovering at the junction to Bumblebee Lane. Mike quickly parked his car outside Wayside Farm by the post box.

Bravely he got out of the car and stood underneath a huge triangular UFO. He described the object as the size of a football pitch, the object was only 150 feet away and approx 100 feet off the ground.

The triangle was totally silent and just hung there in the sky, crystal clear, no vibrations, no smells, no noise. The bottom of the craft was tilted towards Mike and he could see the underneath quite clearly, a large central red light with three additional white lights, one in each corner of the craft. […]

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