UFO Sighting in Edwards Air Force Base, California on February 29th 2016 – Line of lights slowly moving west, pulsed and disappeared, possibly a single large object. Multiple witnesses.

On 29 FEB 2016, at approximately 18:20, a co-worker and myself saw something we cannot explain while returning to our work center from lunch. Driving north from a restaurant about a mile from our work center, we first noticed the object about halfway through the drive back. It was dusk and the sky was darkening, with thin clouds to the north and east. The object was a bright string of lights located to the north, approximately 25-30 degrees above the horizon, moving slowly in a westerly direction. The light nearest the “front” of the object was of a reddish orange color, and a bit brighter than the rest. Trailing behind this red light was a line of numerous yellow, somewhat dimmer lights that were spaced very closely together. For the first 10-15 seconds after spotting the object, it continued to move slowly towards the west and the lights appeared to pulse or waver slightly, possibly due to atmospheric turbulence. After this 10-15 second period, all of the lights started to dim and then disappear from sight. This object remained invisible for approximately 5 seconds, when suddenly it began to re-appear. Once it reached full brightness and size, I could discern that the lights were not an exact straight line, but seemed to curve under and out at the front of the object. I infer from this effect that the lights were possibly arranged in a V or chevron pattern, and that I was observing the object nearly edge on. The details of the shape can be viewed in the included rough sketch. The object continued moving west for approximately 10 more seconds before fading from view again, disappearing permanently this time. At no time was I able to see a solid object. The were two other witness that I know of at my work center that saw the object as well.
My coworker and I have years of military experience between us in the USAF. Neither one of us had ever seen an object quite like this. There are many types of aircraft that operate at Edwards AFB, nothing we know of matches the behavior of these lights. It is our opinion that these lights were not aerial flares. They moved in unison and did not vary in altitude. What we saw was either a large group of objects flying in a extremely tight formation, or that these lights were part of a single, large object. The behavior and consistent altitude of the lights, the distance between them and the lateral motion leads me to believe they were part of the same object.
Also, I believe there are witness to the same event outside my exact location. Reference MUFON case number 74891, a report made on the same day in California City of a very similar object. California City is located 15 miles north east of Edwards AFB.

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