7 April 1954
(The Courier-Mail, Brisbane, Australia)
Source: Trove, National Library of Australia, Canberra, ACT, Australia.
The whole article:
“THREE people rang The Courier-Mail last night (6 April 1954) with reports of ‘strange objects’ in the sky.
A woman living in Kauri Road, Ashgrove, said she had seen ‘a weird cigar shaped object with a glowing tail’ move slowly over the Taylor Range about 7 pm.
She said she observed the object for about seven minutes before it slowly faded from sight.
Mr. G. Howard, of Chalk Street, Wooloowin, said that about 7 pm he and several other people had seen a strange, stationary light over towards the range. The light alternately glowed and faded and seemed to be surrounded with a faint haze.
Mr. W. Macsie, of Manilla Street, East Brisbane, said that about 3 pm yesterday, while he was at work at the Tennyson powerhouse, what seemed to be a vapour trail appeared suddenly high in the sky. A dozen of his workmates also had seen the trail.
Last night neither Civil Aviation, RAAF, police, nor army officials could offer any explanation of the reported objects.”


Satellite photo of Brisbane, Australia (tageo.com)

(tageo.com photo)

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