UFO Sighting in Baywood-Los Osos, California on June 30th 1994 – on an evening hike I witness 2 men then a flash of bright light and in the center of the light there was an alien being.

A friend and I were just coming back from a hike at Montana de oro state park. it was sunset and the wind was blowing pretty good and the stars were beginning to come out. we passed two men in these big long jackets,which I thought was odd for that time of year. we decided to get out of the wind by sitting in a little nook that was washed out from the rain inside the cliff so our heads were about ground level and the beach was down below the cliff. The 2 men kept drawing my attention by making something spark it seemed or a spark was coming from somewhere. Then, after the 3rd spark or so the biggest, brightest light I’ve ever encountered flashed so big and it was in the shape of a cylinder. Inside the cylinder of light was a small gray alien. I was shocked, frightened and yelled RUN!! All three of them saw us get up and run, we were about 200 ft away. We drove back in to San Luis Obispo and pulled in to a parking lot. I asked my friend to tell me what she saw and made her draw a picture as well. She drew the typical alien head with large eyes. I was still pretty shaken and at first i thought it was a small naked child and some ritual was about to take place but my friend is a pediatrician and exclaimed, “that was no child”. I’ve tried to put this behind me because you just can’t talk to anyone about this stuff. I went back the next morning to see if I could try and make sense of it all but nothing. I started listening to coast to coast years ago and it brought back the memory and so I called my friend and we have since discussed it. Her story is a little different for she saw 3 glowing red rods hovering in or around the being. I’ve since had 2 more encounters. One craft siting last year in the same area along with another witness and right after the alien incident I had a small glowing little orb fall from my ceiling in my living room one evening. I’ve been wanting to tell this for so long.

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