UFO Sighting in Parrottsville, Tennessee on March 6th 2016 – Walked out on front porch looked up and saw it moving slowly. could see outline.

March 6 2016
Clear sky

I had walked out on front porch and looked up and saw at first what I thought my be another helicopter going over. Yet I discovered this was no chopper.

No sound, It had four Orange lights, they swirled inside like plasma. Orange, light orange and a tint of yellow. It actaully reflected on the bottom of craft. One white light on each end of these orange plasma lights. and alot of little strobe like lights all over it.

Where the orange lights are the craft extended out in a cigar shape and rounded up. The lights illuminated the bottom of the craft. A beautiful black yet shiny metal.The plasma was like reaching up the curve of the bottom of the ship. Beatiful it was.
I made a computer drawing, although it is not the best, my apologies. The grey shape is the oval rounded part coming down to were the lights are.

This is not a cigar craft or tube that people claim to see, but I do see were they could get confused.

attaching drawing.

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