U.S. Government UFO Document: “PROJECT 10073 RECORD CARD: DATE: 3 Feb 53/LOCATION: Keflavik Airport, Iceland”

(Project Blue Book, U.S. Air Force, Washington, D.C.)
Source: Fold3.com, Lindon, Utah.
Quote from the document (Page 2):
“Headquarters Iceland Air Defense Force, Keflavik Airport, Iceland
Official Log of 932nd AC&W Sqd,
65th Air Division, IADF
Unidentified Flying Objects (Restricted)
4 February 1953
Milton Radovsky, Capt, USAF
1.  Copies of this report will be furnished the Commanding General, IDF, and Air Attache, England.
2.  The following unidentified radar plots were observed on radar scopes of the 932nd Aircraft Control and Warning Squadron on 
3 February 1953:
a.  1825Z  Bearing 345° Range 90 nautical miles 
(65° 25’ N; 23° 36’ W).
b.  1827Z  Plot faded after remaining motionless for two minutes.
c.  1836Z  Bearing 341° Range 112 nautical miles 
(65° 45’ N; 24° 08’ W).
d.  1849Z  Bearing 348° Range 118 nautical miles 
(65° 55’ N; 23° 38’ W).
3.  There were no aircraft, either military or civilian, operating in the area of the plots according to all military and civilian sources contacted.
4.  These plots remain unidentified, although the possibility exists that civilian aircraft were operating in this area unknown to the Icelandic CAA.
5.  The apparent lack of motion indicated during two full minutes is still unexplained.
Milton Radovsky
Captain, USAF
Intelligence Officer”
Several objects were observed on radar, according to the document.
The case is listed as “UNIDENTIFIED.”
Wikipedia article: “Iceland Defense Force”:
Quote from the Wikipedia article:
“The Iceland Defense Force (IDF) was a military command of the United States Armed Forces from 1951 to 2006. The IDF, created at the request of NATO, came into existence when the United States signed an agreement to provide for the defense of Iceland, which did not, and does not, have its own unified defense force.

The IDF was formally headquartered at Naval Air Station Keflavík, though its base was actually at Miðnesheiði near Keflavík. Commander, Iceland Defense Force was a U.S. Navy Rear Admiral with three other titles and roles: Commander, Iceland Sector ASW Group (CTG-84.1), Commander, Fleet Air Keflavik, and NATO Island Command Iceland. Commander Fleet Air Keflavik (COMFAIRKEF) was the senior Navy command in Iceland, responsible for the operational readiness of Navy units assigned. The commander of Fleet Air Keflavik was the operational commander in charge of all Navy and anti-submarine warfare operations. Administratively, COMFAIRKEF reported to Commander, Naval Air Force U.S. Atlantic Fleet, located in Norfolk, Virginia.”

The emblem of the Iceland Defense Force (U.S. Armed Forces)
(wikimedia.org image)

Keflavik International Airport, Keflavik, Iceland (wikimedia.org)
(wikimedia.org photo)

Satellite photo of Keflavik, Iceland (tageo.com)
(tageo.com photo)

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